Employee Engagement
Made Simple

Simplify Your Workplace with Efficient Communication,
Engagement, Onboarding and Organization

0 %
of all corporations do not have an employee communications program
0 %
of all new hires leave within 30 days increasing the LTC turnover rate to 40-100%
$ 0
is the estimated cost for rehiring in the long-term care industry.

Perxx solves these challenges with an employee communications platform that offers various engagement features for employees and an intuitive interface for new hires.


1 Communication

Effortless communication that goes both ways
  • Company news and newsletter
  • Mobile and remote accessibility
  • Secure communications

2 Engagement

Practical engagement that actually works

  • Real-time feedback with polls
  • Be aware of employee sentiments with surveys
  • Useful & timely data for insight-driven decisions

3 Gamification

Encourage interaction with fun gamification

  • Kudos and appreciation
  • Digital suggestion box
  • Reward points & digital wallet

4 Digital Wallet

Employees spend reward points

  • E-Gift cards
  • Points to dollars
  • PTO

The Perxx platform offers multiple features focused on improving communication within the organisation from the top down. 

With Perxx

Build Communication

Share News & Updates at the Click of a Button


Increase Engagement

Hear Directly From Your Employees When it Matters


Simplify Onboarding

Create a Smooth & Effective Hiring Process


Create Organization

Build a Single Source of Truth for Events, Resources & More

Without Perxx

Hindered message flow

Outdated communication methods hinder productivity & waste time


Lack of engagement/ Inactivity

Disinterested employees are less motivated and productive leading to suboptimal patient care and a high turnover rate


Complicated Onboarding

Expensive & time-consuming hiring process


Cluttered process

Disorganization and lack of a centralized source of information

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